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Book Nerd 2014 Reading List

That's the key to happiness, I think.  Drinking good coffee and reading.  I mean, all you have to do is add "while snuggling on the couch" or "while by a warm fire" and you're got the trifecta of happiness really.  Every morning I take time to drink some coffee and have some time to myself and I read.  It's a sick addiction, but one I'll gladly keep feeding.

This year, 2014, has been one where I've really read A LOT of stuff.  I was in to a lot of the chick lit for a while but this year I ventured into the romance genre more.  I must say, it's H-O-T too! These authors, man they know how to make me blush!  I thought I'd take a minute to chronicle what I've read so far this year and give you some (very) brief descriptions of the books and my thoughts on whether they're worth your time.  Of course you may disagree, and that's fine, but you'd be wrong.  ;)

Wait for You (1-3) series, by Jennifer Armentrout
The Dark Elements (1 & 2) series
Lux  (1-4) series
**I love anything this gal writes so you can't go wrong with her.

Painless (1-3) series, by Devon Hartford
Victory Run (1-3)
**These are written by a man...and sometimes it's blatantly obvious.  Overall though, he has great character development and it implores me to continue through pages of boring "biker speak" so I could get into the meat of the story and I was glad that I did.

One Week Girlfriend (1-4) series, by Monica Murphy
*Cute stories, typical romance, interesting story line.

Trailer Park PrincessDelia Steele
High Class Harlot
**Hmmm, I want to like this writer a lot because if I ignore the persistent use of bad words from her characters and the almost forced descriptions of the characters, I kind of like the stories.

Grown Up Kind of Pretty, by Joshilyn Jackson
**I'm going to be honest here in saying that I do not remember much about this one.  I've read a handful of book by Jackson though and have enjoyed them all, as I remember enjoying this.

The Selection (1-3) series, by Kiera Cass
**Think The Hunger Games, add in royalty and that's basically what you've got.

The Arrangement series (1-15), by H.M. Ward
Damaged (1 & 2) series
The Secret Life of Trystan Scott  (1-5) series
Proposition  (1-5) series
Secrets (1-5) series
**If you like steamy hot erotic novels, these are the way to go.  All of the above have to deal with the same family, The Ferros, so the story lines intertwine and connect in intricate  and fun ways.

Nashville Nights (0-3). by Stacey Mosteller
**Really enjoyed the characters in these and loved their stories!

Shattered Hearts (1-5) series, by Cassia Leo
Luke (1-8) series
Unmasked (1-3) series
Knox (1-4) series
Black Box
**Another newly discovered author, like Ward, Leo write steamy and h-o-t novels.  Some have great stories while others are a bit thin.  Everything is very detailed and explicit.

The Callahans (1-3) series, by Melody Grace
Beachwood Bay (1-6)
**Grace is another author that I love.  She could probably write anything and I'd read it and love it.

The Coincidence (1-6) series, by Jessica Sorensen
The Secret (0.5-4) series
**I love Sorensen and you will too!

Vain (1-3) series, by Deborah Bladon
**I'd never heard of this gal before I found these but must say that I really enjoyed them.

Random (1-4) series, by Julia Kent
*Before reading the Random series, I'd heard of Kent but never read anything by her.  I now want to devour everything by her.  I truly loved the Random series!

Nashville  (1-4) series, by Inglath Cooper
Crossing Tinker's Knob
*Couldn't seem to put down the Nashville books as I just kept wanting to know what would happen to the sweet country girl and that boy she picked up on the side of the road.  :)

Crossing Tinker's Nook was easily one of my Top 5 favorites for the year; I heart it!

Guarded Hearts (1 & 2) series, byKristy Moseley
**This one is escaping my memory.

Because of Ellison, by M.S. Willis
*Another in my Top 5 for the year.  I adored this story!

Forgiving Lies (1 & 2) series, by Molly McAdams
Needing Her, novella
Sharing You, novella
Capturing Peace, novella
*McAdams is one of my girl crushes and she could write anything and again, I would love it.

Heartbreakers, by Samantha Grey
*No memory...I'm thinking that must mean they weren't all that great if I cannot remember anything about it that stands out.

Beautifully Broken series, by Courtney Cole
The Paradise Diaries (1 &2)
*I really enjoy most everything that Cole writes.

Unfiltered (1-7) series, by Payge Galvin &  Katy West
*Stumbled upon these by accident and ended up really liking them.  The stories all are based off the lives of the characters that initially appear in the first book.  Very enjoyable.

The Chase (1-3) series, by Jessica Wood
*Decent stories, typical romance.

Maybe Someday, by Colleen Hoover
Ugly Love
**Colleen Hoover is another of my favorite authors and makes me wait entirely too flippin' long for her books!  Blast her!

Better When He's Bad: A Welcome to The Point Novel, by Jay Crownover
Marked Men Novels: Jet, Rome, Nash, Rule
*I had tons of fun getting to know these sexy, hunky,  inked up guys in these novels!

Fearsome (1 & 2), by S.A. Wolfe
*Good, although I don't remember much

The Sarah Kinsley Story (1 & 2) series, by C.J. Berry
*Don't remember much

Losing It (1-4) series, by Cara Carmack
*I usually enjoy everything Carmack writes so I knew I'd like these too.

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