Sunday, October 19, 2014

Among the Greats...

For some time now I have heard the name Abbi Glines come up whenever lists of good authors comes about.  Apparently she's up there with the likes of some of my other faves like Colleen HooverJamie McGuire, and Molly McAdams but I'd never read anything by her and honestly hadn't even heard of her until more recently.  Being buried under a boat-load of books, I wasn't really trying to fall in love with yet another writer...but my curiosity once again got the best of me.  I decided, "what can one book hurt?"  I'll just purchase one, read it and be done with it.  That was my first mistake...thinking I could just read one in a series even knowing that I can NEVER just read one or two and be done.

Amazon just makes it too darn easy with that "buy now with 1-click" button and it gets me every.  Single.  Time.  Ugh!  So then, before I even realized I'd done it, the first installation of the Sea Breeze series, Breathe, was downloaded to my iPad yesterday and ready for me to read.  I started it right away and read all day, late into the night, and most of today.  

Now I am five books into this this series and I cannot seem to stop.  The characters are all intertwined with each other and are seen throughout each story, which I personally love.  It keeps the characters alive and fresh in my mind.  

I can't wait to finish these up and find out what else Miss Glines has out there for me to devour!

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