Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Books on the Brain

I'm the worst kind of blogger.  Seriously, I even know that I am and I tell myself 100 times that "tomorrow" I'm going to get back to it and you know what happens?  NOTHING! DIDDLY SQUAT!  NADA!  This may sound like I'm just lazy but I really think it's an affliction that attacks certain people.  Those people, of course, being voracious book readers.  Our noses are so stuck in a book that we can't seem to carry on like normal people.  We're living vicariously through our fictional characters and can't seem to come back to reality for very long to take care of the mundane things.  

I really want to try to get back into this though.  Honestly.  Seriously.  No joking.  #I'msoforrealhere!  So, to explain what got me wanting to get back to my blogging is an author that I really enjoy.  She posted on a Facebook something about having everyone put down their blog and everyone can be all merry and share with each other and read.  

Starting now...I'm going to do this.  Hold me accountable too would ya?

Don't you HATE that??  ^^^^^^^  Me too!  What's even worst though is loving the preview so much and realizing that you have to wait months for the actual book to be released.  I hate hate hate that!!  It seriously makes me want to throat punch the author.  

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