Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hey Bookworms

I have several subscriptions to various "free ebook" webpages and they bombard my inbox daily with their freebie ebook offers.  One of those sites is called Choosy Bookworm.  They send suggestions of ebooks to read that are often free or really cheap.  Today they also posted a perfect little meme on their Facebook page and I HAD to share it!

True story right there folks!  I love reading but honestly, I wouldn't carry a book around with me all the time.  I don't know why exactly, other than to say that maybe it just seemed a bit cumbersome.  With the invention of e-readers, I tote my iPad with me everywhere, which means that I have my books with me too.  I <3 it!  I really seriously do!!   Don't get me wrong, nothing beats opening a brand new book and smelling the pages, but as times change, we must adapt to them and I am so grateful for e-readers!

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