Monday, October 20, 2014

Let Me Tell You a Secret...

Time for a teaser from one of my fave serial writers, H.M. Ward, from her soon-to-be released Secrets & Lies, Vol. 2.    If you haven't read the first Secrets & Lies, you definitely should; it's great and has a surprise NEW Ferro featured in it too.  You Ferro fans will loooove this!  

Anyhow, if you're ready for Vol. 2, here's your sneak peek, taken from Ward's Facebook page.  

"Crouching in front of me, he adds, “Maybe we can pick up where we left off later, assuming you’re okay breaking a little rule?”

“Maybe.” I smile at him while looking up from under my lashes. “That might be nice.”

“It’ll be better than nice. And I owe you an explanation and promise it won’t happen again.” He runs his hand through his dark hair, his eyes suddenly darting away. For a second, he sucks in air like the room is a coffin and he’ll never get enough. Then he glances up at me, smile back in place.

I can’t tell if he’s playing me or not. Truth be told, I don’t mind being played with. I mean it’s been a while since anyone played with anything down there. My ex said he wanted to wait until we saw each other again, at Fall Break, that it’d be romantic being apart for so long. I’m pretty sure there are dustbunnies down there.

Screw it. Screw Matt.

I toss aside the warning and jump off the cliff."

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