Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I recently had the chance to read Unraveling You by Jessica Sorensen, which is the first in her Unraveling You series.  I'm not sure how many there are going to be but I do know that the second one is being released later this month (yay!) and is titled Raveling You.  

Sorensen has a long list of short books credited to her name and I can honestly say that I haven't read a single on of them that I was disappointed in.  I love her work and was really excited to see that the two main characters in Unraveling You are actually the products of four characters in previous books she's written.  The fun part is that we get to see those characters again, but in a totally new way, as adults with children.  It's a neat dynamic and a great way to bring readers back to your writing once they've already fallen in love with your characters.

This book is about Lyric, who is the child of rock star Mischa Scott & Ella, the painter and he new neighbor Ayden Gregory, adopted son of Ethan & Lila, whom we read about in previous books as well.  She's full of energy and says exactly what's on her mind.  The girl has no filter.  Ayden is shy.  He's dark and a bit mysterious at first but Lyric is determined to get under that tough guy exterior and find out what this guy is really all about.  Ayden is nothing like the bad boy he initially portrays himself to be but Lyric sees that he still has a lot of secrets he hasn't told her, secrets from his life before moving in with the Gregorys, secrets that even he can't remember.

 It doesn't take long before the two realize what great friends they are and begin spending all of their time together.  For the first time in Ayden's life, he has someone who is there for him, someone who truly cares about him.  This both fascinates him and scares him the same.  Just as he continues to get closer to Lyric, he begins having sporadic flashbacks of what's happened to him in the past, at previous foster homes.  He wants to find his siblings too and that doesn't go well.  Everything was going really well...until he gets some bad news regarding his family.

Sorensen, as always, is a master at story telling and this short beginning to her Unraveling series is absolutely no exception.  She does a stellar job in bringing these two vastly different characters to life and together in such a real and believable way.  She allows their differences to be what draws them to each other instead of being what would normally keep them apart.  She has created such an intriguing storyline with a really interesting back story that leaves me so curious as to Ayden's past.  I want to read the entire series just so I can figure the entire story out.  Again, Sorensen has drawn me into one of her novels and left me wanting more, more more!

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