Monday, January 5, 2015

Can't Love You More...or Could I?

Recently I was sent a copy of Can't Love You More by it's author, Sabrina Quinn.  Though I had several books lined up to read, I made this one a priority to read, as she was kind enough to gift this copy to me in exchange for an honest book review.  Lucky for me, I had 2 weeks off of work and lots of free time to dive right in and get reading.

This book is Quinn's debut novel, and she's come up with a great story line that's very compelling and she does a nice job guiding the reader into the plot.  The characters feel real and well developed as well.  Unfortunately, upon starting the book, that fact that this is a first novel feels very obvious.  It's not for lack of a good story that makes me say this, as the story is a complex one, and very unique, rather, I say this because there are some obvious editing snafus that caught my eyes immediately.  The story is slow to start and really took me some effort to continue on so that I could finally get to the good stuff.

Now, with that being said, once I got to the good stuff it was hard to put the book down.  I was captivated by the emotions of Braelyn and Aiden, two of the main characters.  I was pulled in by Gabe's kindness and obvious attraction to Braelyn.  I just couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen; I needed to know Braelyn's big secret.  I still saw some editing errors but they were fewer and further in between and the story was so alive that it was much easier to overlook them as well.

This was an easy read, in that once I got to the "meat" of the story I wanted to hurry and finish it just to know everything about it.  I really enjoyed it and by the end I had completely forgotten how hard it was initially to get started with it.  Quinn does a splendid job pulling the entire story together and then wrapping it up at the end with a conclusion that the reader is left happy about.  The book is really a story about heartbreak with your first love, trying to learn to trust and love again, and ultimately learning to love yourself again too.  Overall, I feel that Quinn does a remarkable job in her debut novel.  I'm looking forward to future releases from her and am sincerely hoping that she's working on something new for us readers to get lost in soon!

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