Sunday, January 11, 2015

Damaged...for the Third Time

I was recently given an ARC of H.M. Ward's newest release, Life Before Damaged, Vol. 3, in exchange for an honest review.  I can definitely, without a doubt, say that out of the three LBD books that this was absolutely the hottest one! When Peter and Gina are dancing together at the nightclub, the sexual tension is absolutely palpable.  Ward does such a fantastic job of describing each little dance move, each little move of their bodies against each other, that I could see everything in my mind and it was in no way a PG viewing!  Yikes!

I liked how we're starting to see Gina's facade starting to crumble.  She's hesitant about letting loose and just being free but the freedom she feels from it is so gratifying for her that she keeps wanting more.  I think we're finally getting to really see Gina for the first time and really understand why Peter is drawn to her too.  She seems like such a goody-goody but underneath that lies a girl that wants to have a little fun and laugh and dance.

I also feel like we're starting to see the real Peter too.  At first in LBD, he comes across very much like his brothers as this spoiled, entitled, good looking rich boy who has woman falling at his feet just to notice them.  Well, the ladies still fall to his feet but I get the feeling that he's really not all that into everything else, but he just takes it as it comes to him and tolerates it.  In seeing that, I begin to think that maybe he and Gina are really two very similar people, both being from rich families and expected to behave a certain way.  They both simply want to be themselves though.  Maybe upon finding each other, they may actually be able to truly be themselves.

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