Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My New Frenemie

Remember that book Bright Side that I gushed on and on about for like 2 weeks?  Well, the author is working on a second book about one of the characters, Gus.  I'm so excited about it and am hoping Gus goes on to have this amazing story and life, after Kate.  It's supposed to be out this year at some point but nobody knows when.  We don't even have any clue how far author Kim Holden has even written.  So everything has been a bit of a mystery about it except that it's rumored that "everything will be alright" for Gus.

Well, to what should my sleep deprived eyes should appear this morning on Kim's fan page on Facebook?  A teaser!   YES, you heard me correctly.  A Gus teaser...and not just any Gus teaser but one that got my heart all whacked out again because now I can't even stop thinking about the book!!  Read below for your own little teaser:

As soon as she’s under the covers, she scoots right over to my side and presses up against me. She shivers once, just like she always does because the cool sheets always make her cold initially. She drapes her arm across my chest and lays her head on my shoulder. I wrap my arm that’s under her around her back and rest my hand on her hip. 
Her voice is only a whisper when she speaks. It’s quiet but it tears open the night. “I’m gonna miss you, dude. So much.”
I kiss her forehead and whisper back, “Me too. You have no idea.”
“You’ll have to buy one of those ginormous pillows or an inflatable doll to snuggle when I’m gone.”
I laugh, because of course she would make a joke right now. “Think I can find one that talks and farts in its sleep, just, you know, so it’s a realistic stand-in for you?”
She slaps my belly, but she’s laughing. “Shut. Up. I do not. Gracie would’ve told me.”
I laugh even harder. “You don’t. I was kidding.”

Aaaggghhhh, right?!?!  Oh.  Ehm. Gee!  She is trying to completely ruin me, I swear.  I really should not be getting this emotionally invested in a fictional character but it's too late.  Way, way, waaaay too late.  Thanks for the teaser Kim, and keep 'em coming because I won't make it to the release date without more snippets of your awesomeness.

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