Monday, January 26, 2015


Lucky me, I was able to obtain an ARC of Life Before Damaged, Vol. 4, by H.M. Ward in exchange for this review of mine.  Unfortunately, it wasn't actually all that "advanced" of a copy, as it was sent sometime in the middle of the night and it was released this morning.  Anyhow...I'll overlook it as I still got to read it for free.  :)

First, before diving too far into this one, I just want to rant a second about the end of this book.  Can you say worst-cliffhanger-ever?  I mean, c'mon Holly!  That was just evil...evil genius but still!  I swiped to the next page -because I read on my iPad- and literally cursed.  I was like, "WTH?!?!" I couldn't believe that she left me hanging like that, left all of us hanging like that.  

This fourth volume of learning more about Pete Ferro and Gina Granz was yet another quick read, but again very good. We find out even more about Gina's perfect, well managed, very controlled life.  Her parents control her, her almost-fiance controls her, but she doesn't feel very in control of her life at all.  She wants to be a little less than perfect.  She wants to be able to make mistakes and not do everything exactly like her mother tells her.  Gina wants desperately to break free and find her inner bad ass.  Cue hot Ferro man, Pete.  Pete has ladies hanging all over him every night of the week and can have any of them, yet he continues to play this mind game with Gina.  His eyes show her lustful thoughts, she feels passion coming from him, and even sees a man who cares...but then in an instant he's back to his selfish, asshat self.  What is a girl to do?

Once again, Ward creates another magnificent dance scene in the club between the two characters and the heat between them is insane.  I'm surprised my iPad didn't go up in flames!  It's so sultry and erotic, without it being blatant sex.  It's hot and I am hoping the next volume has more of these two characters dancing like that.

This series is quickly becoming one of my favorites of Ward's.  As much as I want to dislike Pete for the total mind-fucking he's doing to Gina, I don't.  I keep seeing what's underneath all of that Ferro facade (think Peter Granz in Damaged) and can't help but root for him and Gina. 

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