Sunday, November 30, 2014

Those Ferro Brothers

It's impossible to think of the brilliant H.M. Ward and not immediately conjure up images of the incredibly sexy, incredibly H-O-T Ferro brothers  Ward has practically built her entire empire on them, in fact, and she's done a good job of it too.  There's Sean, who is featured in The Arrangement  series as the aggressive one, the one who always gets what he wants. He's a liar, a manipulator, and he's very deeply troubled.  There's Jonathan who stars in Stripped 1 & 2 , who is cocky, determined, passionate, dedicated...and just a little bit cruel. Then, of course there is Peter, from the Damaged series, the one brother who is the complete opposite of the others.  He's a poet, sensitive, insightful, caring, and charming. Well, at least that is how we know him now.  It seems, though, that ol' Pete, has a past that he's been trying to hide for some time and we finally get a glimpse of his selfish ways in Ward's latest release, Life Before Damaged, Vol. 1.   

Like most of Ward's books, this is being released in several volumes so each one is rather short.  It's definitely NOT my favorite way to read a book, but I understand her reasoning for doing it this way.  This story shows us a side of Peter Ferro before he reformed himself, before he was with Sidney, but shows us how he came to meet her and begin a relationship with her.  He's much more like his brothers in this book, believing women will fall to his feet, using his good looks and charm to get what he wants from whomever he wants and not really worrying about the consequences.  We do, however, see glimpses of the man who appears in the Damaged series.  It's almost as if the man is fighting an internal battle with himself where he isn't quite sure exactly who he wants to be.  Seeing these glimpses leads this reader to believe that maybe, just maybe, Sidney is the one who helps him decide which path is the better one for him to follow.

I really enjoyed reading this book, even if it was too short and left me Ward loves to do.  It's a little hard to see Peter as the self assured, cocky playboy since I've come to adore him as the sweet, sensitive poet, but I believe the end will justify the means, so to speak, when the full story is revealed.  I trust Ward will not let me down in that aspect.

There are supposedly going to be 2 more volumes of this story released, although I am unsure of when those will be.  I am hoping sooner rather than later though and based on Ward's promise to overwhelm us with releases "around the holidays" I'm thinking it may be also.    And, in case you're curious about this interesting sounding Ferro family, here's a graphic of the family tree, along with a link to Ward's books.!/BOOKS

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