Monday, November 10, 2014

A Little Bit O' This, A Little Bit O' That

So many books have been released recently and there are still so many coming out that I have on my "wish list" so I have a feeling I'll be continuing to keep busy reading.  I just finished my 5th book in the past 2 weeks and they were all good ones by some of my favorite authors.

After finishing ABbi GlinesSea Breeze series, I went straight to Rowdy, the latest and greatest inked up bad boy from Jay Crownover.  He was everything I hoped he'd be too, after catching bits and pieces of him from her other Marked Men novels.  I can't wait for the next one to come out!

Following Rowdy, I quickly read the latest installment in The Arrangement  series, by H.M. Ward.  Although I love the series, love the Ferros, and love Sean, I get really tired of only being able to read 40-something pages at a time.  

Next up was Stone Cold Touch , book 2, from Jennifer Armentrout's The Dark Elements series.  It was funny when I read this one because at first I couldn't remember the storyline and was a bit confused.  It took me a while to get back into the story.  Then, once I was in it, I really didn't want to put it down.  What happens though?  It ends and leaves me totally and completely hanging again!  I HATE THAT!  Don't we all?  Anyhow, this is a different read because although there's a romantic component to it, the story is most definitely has a fantasy story line to it.

Secrets and Lies 2 by H.M. Ward was next up and this was another one that I had forgotten what was happening in the story line, but I caught up quickly and remembered again why Ward is one one of the great writers around right now.  I follow her on Facebook and she's a great person who really responds to her readers and I love that about her.  I love that she's "big" but not too big that she still finds time to personally take care of her own account like she does.

Last up, the one I just finished tonight, was All Broke Down, a Rusk University novel, by Cara Carmack.  This is a series I'm so excited about and really love the characters that Carmack has created.  They're all intertwined in this small college town and continue to show up in each of the books.  The next one isn't even out until Spring but I'm so excited for it.  From what I read on her personal blog, she's only slated at this point for 3 books but I'm hoping (praying!) that she'll be able to continue so that several of the beloved characters will have their own story.

It's really hard to even say which of these would be my favorite because they all offered so many different things as far as reading goes.  I've got a couple more on my plate to read next, including First PositionOne Year Love, and Letting Go.  More to come soon!

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