Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ooh la la, Mr. Grey!

Well, unless you've been living under a rock 
for the past 5 months or so, you've inevitably heard of the nation's chart topping best seller, Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.  This erotic trilogy, starring innocent Anastasia Steele and the ever creative and domineering Christian Grey is the fastest selling paperback in history.  What does that tell us?  Women are sexually depraved?  Mommy porn is a-ok?  I don't know what it really tells us but this book has sold millions both through actual paper books and through e-book sales.

I'm not going to pretend like there was some award winning writing in this book because there wasn't.  Not even close.  If I had to read about Ana's "inner goddess" or how Grey reached down and cupped "my sex" one more time I might've put a shotgun in my mouth.  Most critics either love or hate the writing; there is very little grey area.  The writing in my opinion was weak and monotonous but if you could get past  that and let yourself get to the heart of the story, then it was a good read. 

I think it's the complicated relationship 
between Ana and Grey that truly pulls Fifty Shades readers in.  The story shows you that appearances aren't always what they appear to be.  Ana, who is a virginal college grad, is willing to try new things despite her naivety.  She ventures into the Red Room and even experiments with a bit of BDSM, though she discovers there is much of it that she does not like.   On the other end, Grey has a soft side under his power hungry domineering side. We come to discover that Grey's need for control and dominance aren't merely because he's a weirdo who likes "kinky fuckery" but because of reasons far deeper from his childhood.  (isn't that always where our problems come from?)  The way that Ana responds to Grey's inner aching and the way that he ultimately shows his love for her (watching her sleep for hours, for example) proves that Fifty Shades is not just mainstream porn, but a love story...and I'm a sucker for a good love story.

This isn't a story or series for everyone and I get that.  mean,  I can't really see my mother reading this, but then again, hey!  Who knows?  With the age we live in and the ability to buy such erotica electronically, it's like our own little brown bag.  More woman feel that they can covertly make such purchases without embarrassment. 

Overall, this was a good series and I enjoyed it a lot.  I'd give it an 8.5 out of 10, as long as I'm not evaluating James' actual writing style, which left a lot to be desired.  I'm excited to see how this story plays out on the big screen.  I'm excited to see who could possibly pull off the roles of Ana and Grey successfully too.  I'd love to see Emma Watson play Ana...but I have no idea about Grey!

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