Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh, My Sweet Tooth

I'm trying to take better care of myself by attempting to exercise and eating better.  In fact, it's almost lunch time and I've only eaten a nice fiber filled 100 calorie english muffin w/ peanut butter, toasted, and 6 oz. or blackberry yogurt.  Plus I also had a whole bottle of water to drink.  Trust me, this is an accomplishment.  So, while I'm trying to curb my sweet tooth I decided instead to just read about sweets instead.  I just finished reading Donna Kaufman's Sugar Rush, book #1 in her new series entitled Cupcake Club.  

As you can guess, this fun, cute book is about cup-
cakes...oh, well there's also some romance thrown in there too of course!  The book tells us the story about Chef Leilani Trusdale, who at one time ran one of the most elite patisserie's in New York, Gateau,  but ran away from it all.  She ran away from the pressure, the hurry of everything, the excitement, the stress, but most notably she ran away from her crush and mentor, the sexy owner of Gateau, Baxter Dunne.

Leilani runs to the one place that feels safe to her, Sugarberry Island, GA, where her father, the sheriff, lives.  She opens her own  little cupcakery.  Life is good and the pace of life is easy going.  Leilani loves being able to come up with creations for people who she cares for and who care about her in return.  She's getting over her heartbreak when who should suddenly decide to go on the road for his hit cooking television show and shoot the first episode right there on Sugarberry Island?  Yep, you guessed it!  It's Baxter Dunne in all his mega celebrity status, complete with 3 full giant trailers and production people galore.

Though she is very against the show shooting on 
"her island" and in her shop, Leilani eventually allows it without hard feelings.  In fact, Baxter and Leilani have several conversations about their feelings.  She learns that for the 10 years that she crushed on him, Baxter had the same feelings for her.  Go figure!  Neither of them did anything about it because of their professionalism in the working environment since she was working for him.  

Baxter has come back to tell Leilani that he loves her.  In fact, the entire filming there was all a ruse to be able to see her again.  That's all fine and dandy, but Baxter's going back to New York after filming and Leilani has a shop to run now.  A relationship is impossible, they both admit.  They decide to make the most of the short time they have together.  Essentially they shack up in the room above the cupcake shop and make like rabbits for 2 weeks.

Now, I don't want to give away the ending or tell you too much about this story, but let's just say that when love reigns supreme, nothing can keep people apart.  Or at least it can't in a fictional novel. :)

Sugar Rush was a really sweet story...pun intended.  The characters are fairly well developed and although you KNOW what's going to happen with Leilani and Baxter, it's still a fun story to watch unfold.  Some of the reason for that is the supporting characters in the story: Charlotte, Leilani's BFF who hooks up with Carlos who works for Baxter; Alvina who is a nosy old lady who loves to gamble and even has a propensity for baking; Leyland who is Leilani's very protective father; and Dez, the artistic assistant at the cupcake shop.  They provide laughs throughout the book, as well as act as a "conscious" for Leilani.  

This isn't a book that's going to keep you in deep thought scratching your head, or even change your life, but it is a fun read and a great one to take to the beach with you over the summer.  I would give it a 8 out of 10.  It made me smile and feel good and sometimes that's better than anything else!

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