Sunday, December 7, 2014

Serious Book Hangover

Wow, I am nursing the most serious of book hangovers here.  I don't think there are many who "get" this feeling...and those that do are like my soul mates or something.  While I continue wading around in this sea of sorrow and filter through all of these emotions that Kim Holden has brought forth, I will attempt to tell you how I felt at about 60% through the book. a baby, that how I was!  I haven't sobbed that much in goodness knows how long.

And that folks, is exactly how I was while reading this latest story.  Literally sitting in a Walmart waiting for my layaway junk and tears were falling down my cheeks before I could even realize they were there.  I was sitting in the pick up line at my daughter's school while rain pelted the windows, sounding like the beating of my own heart, and again before I can even think to wipe them away, the tears are pouring our of me and falling onto my shirt.

I think there are books that come along that honestly change us.  This book, I feel, is definitely one of those for me.  I feel like this is one that I MUST convince everyone to read, despite the tears, the emotional wreck it put me through, the heartbreak suffered at it's words.  Because in those words, there is also something beautiful, something wonderfully transforming for the reader if you choose to let it take it's course.  There's something calling out to be better.  Be wiser.  Be epic.  No, do epic.

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