Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rock Her

One not-as-well-known author whom I adore is Inglath Cooper, and she is a superb writer.  I'm really not sure why exactly her books haven't caught on but they seriously should!  She has a beautiful way with words and writes some really humorous, heart-tugging stories.  

I recently finished reading her book, Rock Her.  This is a story about wife and mother, Lizzy, who goes on a much anticipated vacation to Italy by herself because her husband lets her down once again.  While there, she meets Ren Sawyer the rock star.  Ren is dealing with many inner demons while he's there but he falls for Lizzy, even though he knows he shouldn't.  Lizzy develops feelings for Ren too. Both are characters that are hurting and in need of healing. They find strength and hope in each other... but will it last? Lizzy is still married and Ren leads a completely different kind of life from hers.

This was a really sweet story of two lost souls looking to heal themselves and Cooper did a great job writing this story as a light love story without being too graphic or unrealistic.  This is a story that you can really see happening to someone.  I loved that it focused on a real woman too, not some early 20-something who really has never dealt with love but is somehow amazingly wise about it.  Lizzy is a woman with experience and substance.  She experiences real feelings of betrayal, lust, and conflict.

I really enjoyed reading this story.  It was a quick read and light enough that I didn't put it down at the end with a heavy heart.  Cooper is a witty writer and infuses that into her characters, making them quite real and easy to relate to.  This is only the second book/series I've read of hers but I'm very much a fan and was instantly upon reading my first book by her.  I've also had the pleasure of reading her entire Nashville series and thoroughly loved it.  I highly recommend it!  

So if you're looking to discover a new author, give Inglath Cooper a try.  She's a great writer and I think you'll enjoy her too!

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