Monday, December 8, 2014

Darn You, Colleen!

Ever know someone that you simultaneously wanna punch in the throat and be BFF's with? That's how I'm feeling about Miss Colleen Hoover right now.  I mean, I am still in awe that she is so down to earth and so "normal" with her fans and readers.  She actually communicates with them via Facebook.  HER...not some assistant.  Not some animatronic thingy-majiggy, but the real live in-person person!  It blows me away because as much of a normal person that she probably is, to a reader like me, she's somewhat of a superstar.  To have her comment or respond to something I innocently type on her FB page, puts me on cloud nine.  I promise I'm not actually a weirdo stalker, Colleen, even though I realize everything I am saying probably makes me sound like I am.  I just love to read and I love to write and I have a case of writer envy.  I also admire her so much and would love to one day be able to produce something even half as good as her work.

So, with that being said, I finished Maybe NotHoover's latest "surprise" novella.  Of course I loved it.  How could I not?  I'm pretty sure she could write her grocery list on a restaurant napkin and I'd think it was gold.  This was absolutely NO exception.  My only complaint, of course, would be that it was a novella rather than a full length novel.  I would've loved a little more.  

Maybe Not is a spin-off novella from her other critically acclaimed and widely read, Maybe Someday, released last Spring.  This book, however, follows Ridge's roommates, smart-assed Warren and sharp-tongued, sassy Bridgette. When the two learn that they're to be new roommates, sparks fly...even if one of them doesn't want to admit it. Que major sexual tension between the two!  When those built up walls are finally broken down, they discover that they're actually quite fond of each other.

Bridgette comes across rather rude and angry all the time, much as she did in  Maybe Someday but as we keep reading, we actually begin to understand her a little better and realize that she's not simply a bitch; the girl has her reasons and valid ones at that.  She's guarded and feels like she has to be.  Warren continues to show his playful, flirtatious, humorous side in this new story.  He pranks Bridgette just like he and Ridge always play pranks, thinking he's going to "initiate" her into the apartment...little does he realize that two can definitely play at that game.

This was a cute book, and definitely a good read.  There was loads of sexual tension throughout the book between Warren and Bridgette and after reading Maybe Someday, it was really nice to have a little side story to help understand those other characters a little bit better since the relationship between them seemed so "off."  I really enjoyed reading Maybe Not and am really looking forward to Colleen's next new release...which I am hoping is super soon (get writing lady!).

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