Sunday, November 1, 2015

National Author's Day!!

Today is National Author's Day and one of my favorite, most unapologetically giving and caring authors shared this on her Facebook page today and I copied it to share.  Not only did I love what it said, but I could relate to it 1000%.

Some people may say reading is a hobby. It’s something you do when you have down time. Something you do when you’re in between life’s obligations. Something you do when you’re bored or need filler. I call those people casual readers. And that’s cool. It’s just not me.
Reading isn’t a hobby for me.
It’s a passion.
It’s my religion.
It’s a way of life.
I AM NOT a casual reader.
Casual readers don’t dream about what they’re reading in hi-def detail.
I do. I screamed in my sleep a few months back as I made my way through the streets of New Orleans with Charlie and Silas. Screamed out loud. It scared my husband. It was awesome!
Casual readers don’t carry their kindle with them everywhere. And I don’t mean throw it in your purse or bag when you leave the house. I mean carry it in your hand around the house because you can’t leave the story you’re immersed in for even one second.
I’ve done laundry with one hand, vacuumed with one hand not knowing if I’m truly cleaning or not because I’m not looking at the carpet, cooked dinner with one hand, and done my hair and/or make-up with one hand (I get really annoyed when it comes to mascara because I have to give that stuff at least one eye’s worth of attention or it all goes to shit, and that slows down my reading a bit).
Casual readers don’t reference their favorite books when it comes to dealing with real life situations and ask what their favorite characters would do.
I do, and the answer is ALWAYS Katniss or Hermoine or Atticus would just go do something kickass. So, there you go. Easy peasy. Kick ass.
Casual readers think about the places they’ll never be able to visit.
I think about all the places I’ve already visited in books instead. Because let’s be honest, Hogwarts castle is way more badass than anything you’re ever going to see with your own eyes.
Casual readers don’t invest themselves so deeply in characters that when they read the final page of a book they feel like they’ve just gained new friends because they know them so well.
If I close my eyes I can see/hear Ridge in my head playing his guitar and it/he is beautiful. I feel bad for the people who’ll never have this privilege.
Casual readers will never know what it's like to be in an MC.
I've lived over 600 pages with Grizz and Kit, I'm practically in the club. I'm just waiting for my patch. wink emoticon
So, to each and every author who’s taken the time and effort to bleed out their passion onto a few hundred pages of paper – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You make me think.
You make me feel.
You make me a better person.
Happy National Author's Day! heart emoticon

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