Monday, November 16, 2015

Ben+Fallon, Forever

WoW.  Seriously, I'm not sure how well this review is going to go because Colleen Hoover just knocked me on my ass with her just-released-a-week-ago book, November 9. What a roller-coaster of emotions this one took me through;  the highs, the lows and so much in between filled the pages of this beautifully written work of art.  

November 9 left this feeling inside of me, something heavy, that makes me think and think and think some more. Maybe Colleen described my feelings best in what is now one of my favorite literary lines, 

"(His) words feel like they penetrate the walls of my chest and all the air is let out of my lungs." 

I felt like her words were elephants sitting on my chest, barely allowing air to eek out of my lungs.  It was...deep and powerful and amazing all at the same time.  I hated it...but I absolutely without a doubt loved it too.  I was so afraid to read this book to begin with.  I felt like the hype was too much and that there was basically no way that it could possibly live up to all that it had been built up to be.  I didn't want to finish it once I started because I didn't want that disappointment that I thought would inevitably be there.  I will admit though, I was wrong.  Completely, totally, and unequivocally wrong and I own it.  It didn't disappoint on any level.  It exceeded my expectations and I hope everyone who loves to read will read this.  I hope anyone who hasn't discovered Colleen Hoover will read this and fall in love with her and her literary geniusness like I did a couple years ago.  I love that she made me fall in love with her again in this book!

So now one to some info about this amazing read.  Basically November 9 is about a girl and and a guy who meet on November 9 and instantly hit it off.  The only problem is that she is moving across the country that night.  They agree, as an experiment to help him with a novel that he's trying to write, to meet every year on the same date but to have no contact in between.  

People are really into 'NO SPOILERS" for this book because they feel it's better to go in completely blind.  With that knowledge, I won't say much more about the plot of the book, except that there are a few plot twists that you probably won't be expecting.  Also, it IS a romance and the characters are flawed (because it wouldn't be good otherwise, right?), and it's heartbreaking and beautiful. Plus, technically speaking, if you don't love it just a little then something is probably wrong with you.  Just saying.

This is definitely one of Hoover's best which is actually saying a lot because everything she writes is excellent.  It's one of my favorites of hers too though it's not as heart breaking as some of her previous titles.  There's a lot of funny parts and wit tangled throughout.

Read this book.  Seriously go buy it today and you won't regret it.  Go to my Facebook page, Nuggets from a Book Nerd,  also to see how you can win a copy of November 9, signed by none other that Miss Colleen Hoover.  :)  

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