Sunday, March 15, 2015

Berry's Debut Breathtaking

Not too long ago I read this book by author, B.L. Berry called Love Nouveau.  The cover art was fabulous, which quite honestly is what drew my interest to the novel in the first place. It's so unique, and artistic.  It's so pretty.  So, even though we're told time and time again to not judge a book by it's cover, that is exactly what I did.  I decided purely based on the cover that I wanted to read this story.  I'm happy to say that Miss Berry's debut novel did not disappoint at all.

After escaping to Italy to avoid her messed up family and ex-boyfriend, Ivy returns to the states ready to take on her new life with a fresh perspective.  She soon meets Phoenix at a party where they instantly discover a connection unlike many others.  Like, so unbelievably real and palpable almost.  I felt like I was living through them as I read this, that's how believable the characters felt to me. Every bit of quirkiness punched through, every bit of emotion between them hit me in my gut and made me feel sick, as if I too was experiencing the same emotions.  Berry's ability to build these characters up is phenomenal.  Ivy is such a flawed girl, so lost and confused but maybe that is how and why I can relate with her so much.  She's so very real.  And Phoenix, goodness, he's so sweet and honest and just wants Ivy to trust him.

Anyhow, Ivy and Phoenix go their separate ways as they each intended but continue to keep in touch through modern technology.  All the while, the two are building this beautiful friendship with lively, witty banter, and a sweet adoration towards each other.  

This novel takes the reader through so many twists that you swear you're going to puke from the roller coaster of emotion flying off the pages, honestly.  You seriously just don't know what is coming next, all the while, hoping and praying for love to prevail.  Then, the end leaves you there, hanging... waiting for the next installment in the story.  I wish I'd realized that this was a continuation so I could've at least prepared myself but I didn't realize that upon beginning the story.  Ugh!  So now I wait...we wait to find out what truly happens with Ivy and Phoenix's story.

Overall, I really really liked this book.  I find it incredibly hard to believe that this was a debut novel, however.  The writing flowed so seamlessly and the words so poetically that it definitely felt like that of a seasoned author.  Kudos to Miss Berry for an exceptional entrance into the literary world with Love Nouveau.   She is already well on her way to greatness, based on this novel.  I cannot wait to read the continuation of this story and more to come from her.

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