Sunday, March 8, 2015


Do you ever come across those characters that you love, yet hate at the same time?  Or a story that you don't love but at the same time you can't put it down?  I think that's what happened with my latest read, The Way We Fall, by Cassia Leo.  This is the first installment in The Story of Us series.  

Rory and Houston have known each other for years.  In fact, Houston's little sister was Rory's best friend but they had no relationship until tragedy strikes and suddenly they seek comfort and solace in each other.  Sadly, secrets begin to tear them a part and Houston must leave Rory behind.

5 years later they unexpectedly see each other again.  

It's hard to say much more without giving a lot of the story away, so I will probably leave it mostly right there and let YOU read it yourself.  

The story contains so much emotion between the two main characters.  It feels so real and honest...and that may be why I hated them.  They fight, they argue, and sometimes they say mean things to each other.  So while I'm reading and thinking that I don't like this "romance," I also love it because it IS so very real.  Sometimes life and love aren't always pretty.  I hated that they tried to hurt each other but felt like it was more realistic than other stories where everything is sunshine and lollipops all the time and tied together at the end with a pretty bow.  

So, while I feel like I had a love/hate relationship with this story, I couldn't put the book down.  I was captivated by the relationship and the secrets between them.  I wanted to find out more and see if they could reconcile.  I wanted to see that happily ever after for Rory and Houston.  

Leo does a nice job developing the relationship between her characters in this story, including not only Rory and Houston but also the relationship between Rory and her mother.   She also  throws in a few twists. There's heat and romance and a so much more to make you continue turning the pages well after your bedtime!

Totally looking forward to the next installment in this series.  C'mon Cassia, hurry up!

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