Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calling All Bloggers...

Keystrokes, written by Lisa Marie, is a cute story about an awesome blogger named Farrow who wins the dream of a lifetime (that dream that many other little ol' bloggers like myself fantasize about) when she's chosen to meet and interview the lead actor who is going to portray her fictional book boyfriend in a movie being made from the book.  I mean, who among us hasn't dreamed of this same scenario?  

Farrow is a smart, witty, young gal and has no idea that the guy she's about to meet has been waiting around for someone just like her!  Kasen, the hottest celeb with all the buzz around him, is really just an average guy who got lucky enough to be discovered a few years prior.  He really is a bit tired of the celeb life and wants to settle down with someone, someone like Farrow.  He spends time dining with her, impressing her, making her fall head over heals for him.  What happens when he's ready to exit the spotlight in Los Angeles though and Farrow gets the second biggest opportunity of her lifetime?

I enjoyed reading this debut novel by Marie, who calls herself an "accidental author."  Well, for an author that wasn't supposed to be, I'd say she's well on her way to making a great career of it.  Although, I could tell this was a first novel, she did a grand job at developing her characters, and creating an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable story.  The only thing I didn't care for was how quickly the characters hit it off and "fell in love."  It seemed exceedingly fast, even for a romance novel.  I think taking some time for them to develop more of a relationship, or a friendship of sorts, would've made the story a bit more believable for me.

All in all, Keystrokes is a fun, very likable story and a great first effort by Marie.  With three more novels due out in 2015, I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing more by this promising author.

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