Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just Because...

Determined to establish a new life far from the ghosts of her past, twenty-two year old Sydney Paige is willing to try anything to launch her reporting career and quiet the painful memories of her family back home.

Money-driven Mason Lachlan knows exactly what he wants in life and how to get it. Nothing stands in the way of the successful millionaire’s next deal, not even the deeply-buried anguish he feels from being abandoned by his father and tucked away as a dark family secret.

When Sydney must report the biggest land deal to hit South Padre in years, Mason becomes the focus of her story. Problems surface when their undeniable attraction for each other compromises everything they both have worked for.

Can love exist when bottom lines and deadlines collide?

This is a standalone Contemporary Romance, there is NO cliffhanger!
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I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to read an ARC version of author T.A. Foster's newest title Because of Sydney.  Going into this book, I had absolutely no idea what to expect since this is a new author for me and I was completely unaware of her work prior.  What I found, however, was a great story between the pages that I found incredibly hard to put down and anxious to get to the end.

Because of Sydney is a sweet story about news reporter Sydney and how she turns the world upside down for business mogul, Mason.  Mason doesn't do relationships.  He doesn't do commitment or promises but he finds himself lost without Sydney after meeting her. They have an instant attraction that is truly electric.  Foster's colorful use of words ensures the reader a front row seat to the sparks between these two.  The go hot and heavy very quickly which also leads to several misunderstandings so the couple are sort of on again-off again. It was a bit like a roller coaster at times and I wanted to yell (in fact, I think I actually did!) at them to just open their eyes and pay attention to what was happening instead of jumping to conclusions.  Then again, it would be a pretty boring story without a little drama added in there, right? 

Sydney is a determined woman, but still comes across a bit shy, a little naive.  Mason is powerful, yet sensitive and turns into every woman's dream in how he relates and deals with Sydney.  It made this reader's heart swoon, in fact! They're a perfect match for each other and Foster again does a superb job with character development throughout the story.  She made them come alive!  They felt so real and so did their story and I truly enjoyed reading it. I started reading it in the morning and just couldn't stop, taking advantage of every free minute throughout the day to read a little further because I had to see where this story was going to take me.

As I stated earlier, T.A. Foster is a new author to me, but based upon reading this one ARC of hers, I will definitely be checking out what else she has to offer.  If her other novels are anything like Because of Sydney, she has a new follower for life in this reader!

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