Sunday, August 16, 2015

Armentrout FTW

I just finished reading Jennifer Armentrout's latest release, Every Last Breath from her The Dark Elements series, and it most definitely did not disappoint.  I mean, WoW!  

If you haven't read the previous books, you will most likely be lost because Every Last Breath really doesn't recap much in what happened in the story previously and just picks right up from where the last one left off. From the beginning, as soon as you open up the book and dive in, there's action and excitement.   This is very much a fantasy world with Wardens, Alphas, Demons, and The Boss. References to Heaven and Hell are abundant throughout.

While the main character, Layla, tries to figure out just who and what she is, she must also decide whom she ultimately loves:  Zayne, her best friend and childhood crush...or Roth, the bad boy demon who makes her feel things she never knew existed.  In the end, Layla must fight the Lilith and figure out just how to save everyone who  have sacrificed everything for her.  Will she give up everything?

I really liked this last installment in The Dark Elements series.  It was jam-packed full of action for at least two-thirds of the story.  I loved seeing a softer, less demon-y side of Roth, proving that not all bad things are all bad.  It was heartbreaking to see Abbott prove his love for Layla as well.  The scene where Layla spends her last night night before making her big decision, was epic.  Armentrout did such an excellent job of painting this passionate picture of them saying goodbye with their bodies, giving each other one last kiss, one last touch.  

The only complaint I have is that I feel like this story could've ended a lot earlier than it did. For me, the story was over after Layla did what needed to be done and then returned.  It was very drawn out at the end, giving more story that honestly just didn't need to be there. I know sometimes the readers like to know what happened next, but I think it took away from this story.  It would've been just fine without all the extra.  In addition, it seemed like there was a lot of plain gratuitous lovey-dovey junk that easily could've been left out as well.  We get it, they like each other, they love each other...that's enough!

Overall, this was a great story and the series as a whole was really just a lot of fun to read, if not a little scary at times.  Armentrout, as always, leads the reader into a fantastic fantasy world and makes it so realistic and believable .  Can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve next!

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