Monday, February 2, 2015

More Peter, More Gina

Once again, I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Life Before Damaged, Vol. 5 by H.M. Ward in exchange for a review of this book.  First off, I wanted to say that I feel quite honored to receive three ARCs in a row from this serial, especially since I know there are many readers and bloggers out there that want them.

This fifth installment shows us a much more relaxed Gina. Then again, throwing back drink after drink at the club probably had a lot to do with that.  Regardless, she lets down her guard a bit and lets loose with the goal to finally have some fun, only hours after her world fell apart.  Gina has only one thing on her mind and is determined that something is going to happen that night.  She has no idea that she'll run into Pete once again.  

For a second time Pete has the opportunity to have whatever he wants from Gina but he proves once again that there's more to him than the fact that he's a Ferro.  In fact, he is starting to, more often than not, show Gina that he's really nothing like she originally thought he was.  There's far more to Pete than Gina ever imagined.

LBD 5 gives us more of an inside understanding of just how evil and wicked the Ferro family and their matriarch really are as well.  We learn that she will do just about anything to protect her family name and get what she wants.  This could really benefit Gina too, or so it seems.  You never know what's in store when the Ferro family is involved though.

I can't wait for this serial to continue (hopefully only a couple more though) and finally wrap up.

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