Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Must Have

Sometimes I come across something that just so perfectly describes me or my mood that I actually feel giddy inside. Yesterday was one of those days, people!  Check out the awesomeness that is here!

Are these not the cutest things?  I am so hearting them, along with the masses of cute tees I found at Two Chicks Designs.  They even have my all time fave saying on one:

Now, if only I had a credit card with lots of buying power, one that someone else takes care of the bill too.  Yes, that would be fab and I would have such fun on a shopping spree at Two Chicks Design!  Well...maybe when that ol' tax refund check comes I've mosey on back and see what's available.  Until then, I'll keep visiting and giggling at all the cleverness they have in store!

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