Thursday, October 4, 2012

Everything Tastes Better with Butter

Well, it does, right?  Everything really
does taste better with a bit of butter on it.  Or, as Beth Harbison says in her newest title, When in Doubt, Add Butter.  Okay!  As a fan of Harbison's chick lit style writing, I took her word for it with this new book of hers.  I'm just feeling like this recipe was missing something else, especially at the end.

In true Harbison fashion, this book takes 
the reader on a ride with successful personal chef, Gemma (yes, I am aware that it's the same name of the main character in my last review; I made no mistake).  She's 39, single, and happy with her life for the most part.  She works hard and is good at what she does but rarely lets her hair down, until one night she meets "Mack" at a bar and ends up having a one-night stand with him.  Even thought she knows it was just a one-nighter though, she can't help but to continue thinking about him.

In her professional life though, Gemma deals with many characters as she cooks for different families/people each night of the week.  Some are very difficult, like her Friday night people Angela & Peter.  Peter is attractive and friendly (maybe a little too friendly) while Angela is rude and difficult to be around, mostly due to her lack of tolerance for almost all food items.  Then, she cooks for others like Mr. Tuesday, as Gemma refers to him, who truly appreciates her cooking, leaves her witty notes and banter for when she's there.  Unfortunately, Gemma feels a tide shifting among her clients; she loses one client, begins losing out on catering gigs on the weekends, and her life is spinning out of control.

Finally, through a strange set of 
circumstances, she meets Mr. Tuesday and everything changes.

Yep, that's all I'm gonna say about it folks.  No more, so stop your crying!  Besides, if you read the book you'll figure out what's going to happen before you get to the end anyhow; it's just that predictable.  Don't misunderstand me, I liked this book quite a lot but it certainly was not a surprise what happened.  It was more like, "Finally!" in my opinion.

As I stated, I really like this author and have read several of her other books, including Always Something There to Remind MeThin, Rich, PrettySecrets of a Shoe Addict, and Shoe Addicts Anonymous, which are all quick fun reads too.  They are all great vacation books, or light easy reading books.  Harbison has this innate way of creating a voice for her books that just resonates with you and draws you in so much that you want to know all about her main character, be BFF's with them, and find out everything about them. The material might be "fluff" but I still say it takes talent to bring readers into the world that is a book.

The only thing I disliked about this book, aside from the predictability, which I can totally deal with, was the ending.  I know I'm a HUGE stickler for endings (both in books and film) but I really hated the way this book ended.  I invested my time and heart into these characters and you just left me in the lurch, Ms. Harbison!  Shame on you!  You can't just end a book like that and then try to wrap it all up pretty in an epilogue.  That's cheating.  There.  I said it.  You cheated me.  That being said,  I'm still pretty sure I'll be among the first in line for your next release. :)

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