Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rambling (Wo) Man

Do you ever feel like if you let too much time pass between reading a book and discussing it that you just can never get that...that "feeling" back that you felt immediately upon finishing? Gosh, I feel like that every.  Freakin'.  Time.  It drives me nuts too because I wish I could tell you every fleeting thought that crosses my wee-little mind when I turn that last word filled page.  What happens though?  Life!  Every time, life come along and just steals my thunder and all my time (and apparently part of my brain too) and every witty, wise, wonderful thing I wanted to type out here for you THE READER is sucked into some oblivion.  SMH.  

Being sick with a terrible stomach flu for 10 days certainly didn't help either.  I didn't read a single thing during that time, but I'd "banked" up some thoughts on several books I'd read recently, thinking I'd just do some quick run-downs of them with my thoughts, all nicely placed into one sweet, simple blog post.  Guess where all those thoughts are now? Somewhere in the sewer system, along with the contents of my know, because of the stomach flu.  Ugh!

So, with this being said, I am hopefully all recovered now and will be trying my best to get back to these book reviews and keeping everyone updated on my latest reads and everything else.  

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